About IG Blinds

IG Blinds was created to set new standards in the manufacture, supply, installation and after sales service of premium internal blind systems. A family owned company - IG Blinds have built an enviable reputation as a quality and reliable manufacturer, having now supplied IG Blind systems Australia-wide.

In an IG Blinds® system, the blind is fully contained and sealed within the glass panels of an IGU – triple glazing is also an option.

Movement of the blind for manual or motorised systems does not compromise the thermal properties of the IGU, as the system is performing in a totally sealed environment.

Units are customised and manufactured to meet individual project specifications, with toughened safety glass and argon as standard in every IG Blinds® system manufactured in Australia. Glass specifications can be customised to meet individual design or thermal performance criteria.

The unique IG Blinds® manufacturing system ensures total protection against dirt, dust, or weather conditions, thereby guaranteeing minimal maintenance (if any) and the magnetic components have been tested to have an almost indefinite life cycle. The wide product choice and versatility of operation also make IG Blinds® internal blind systems suitable for all types of framing systems.

Suitable applications include hospitals, aged care facilities, public buildings, schools, commercial and residential buildings.

The internal mechanics and blind system are completely sealed within the unit, heightening safety and providing a sterile environment for those residing or working within the building.

IG Blinds combine the latest technology and design principles with a strong focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

As accredited members of the AWA - AGGA, IG Blinds adhere to the highest standards of quality control, providing peace of mind to every client and certainty to building professionals and designers.


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