Thanks to Sunbell, We are super proud to now launch The app “AI-SUN”, which is free and already available for iOS devices, this was developed in order to offer a dedicated blind management system for our Internal Blind (Integral blinds).

With Ai-Sun App, you will be able to manage the Fully automated Suncen blinds from your mobile in just a few simple steps. An exclusive function allows you to make the most of your spaces by creating various light scenarios thanks to the automatic orientation of the blinds at different times of the day.

The app aims at offering a functional improvement to the management systems currently offered by the company.

If you already own a Suncen control unit (blue Box), with a few minor changes you will be able to make the most of Sunbell technology and excellence. No need to dismantle the frame or carry out major work: you only have to install the new Suncen Smart control unit and with a LAN connection you can start using all the Ai-Sun functions straight away.

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