IG Blinds can customise Internal Blind Systems
to suit your design specifications



IG Up & Down “ Battery Actuator Control


The first and only European-patented rechargeable battery-operated system features a wireless magnetic actuator and electronics outside the glass unit. Not requiring an electrical system, it can be applied to any thickness of glass. The lithium batteries ensure an increased lifecycle when compared to those previously available. It is also possible to fit an internal or external photovoltaic panel to the glass to assist with recharging.

IG Auto Control Fully Automated


This technically advanced electrical option can also be connected to the most modern home automation systems, including via your tablet or smartphone. IG Auto Blinds enables you to adjust one or more blinds simultaneously from one single station or by remote control. They feature the latest-generation control panels, ensuring continuity and consistency of use.

IG All in One


All in One stands out for the capacitive control plate applied onto the glass.

It allows the single or group movement of multiple blinds (via radio remote) and it is compatible with both venetian and pleated blinds in 20 mm, 22 mm and 27 mm cavity.



IG Blinds was created to set new standards in the manufacture, supply, installation and after sales service of premium internal blind systems.